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Deliver tangible memories to you.


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Amazon Photos is a secure online storage service to help customers preserve, share, and re-live their memories.

Amazon Photos wanted to develop a brand campaign that increases unaided awareness & recall of Amazon Photos & integrates with the overall Amazon brand story. 

We competed against 9 other agencies, and we managed to win the campaign. Yeon was the leading Art Director and Designer from the pitch to the final production. The whole production happened during COVID-19 era. We managed to do a remote shooting to editing.


People are longing for a tangible connection to their memories that delivers them back to the moments that matter most.

Against other competitors, Apple is about creating things.

Google is about helping people find things. 

Amazon is about starting with what the customer needs and working backwards. When it comes to our photos, what we need more than anything is depth of connection, because in today's digitally dominated world, photos have become a cheap, fleeting commodity.


Behind every cherished photo is a thousand memories that led us there.

As we continue to capture more and more parts of our lives, we are flooded with a sea of images that can dampen our connection with the memories captured in those photographs.


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CCO : Rodrigo Jatene
ECD: Rafael Gonzaga

CD: Tres Colacion &
Rodas Giancarlo

Copywriter: Deepika Desai

Director: Duncan Christie & Olivier Staub

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