Ask The Candidate

AI that tells you everything you need to know about the candidates.

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There are tons of false facts and fake news.

When it comes to voting, research shows that most voters aren’t actually familiar with each candidate’s political policies and stances. It’s no surprise considering the torrent of click-baiting and “alternative facts” that circulate social media and news outlets at large.


People are quite uninformed about the candidates that they support and ultimately vote for.

In facts, an article in the New York Times, about “What Voters Want” included a quote from Daniel Oppenheimer, a psychology professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, which stated:

“Most people have no idea where most candidates stand on most issues, so they just assume that the candidate agrees with them. People will actually change their position to align with the candidates they prefer, and will also assume that candidates agree with them on important issues, even when that isn’t true.”


Create AI of the candidates based on the truth.

By aggregating fact-checked videos, articles, and voting histories of each candidate, CNN will create AI bots for the public to interact with through

At you will be able to create a private town hall meeting with any candidate of your choice through video chat, allowing for the unique opportunity to ask candidates whatever politically inclined questions you might have. 

Brand Identity


The logo was inspired by the American flag. Using stars and strips to make it more symbolic. The overall design is perfectly measured to be geometric.

Primarily the main two colors are inspired by the colors of the American flag. And tone it down to bring modern feelings. And use greyscale to make the whole product clean, and simple.







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Instructor: SungKwon Ha & Mike Oh

Partner: Jin Park


[ WINNER | 2017 Cannes Future Lions ]

Bronze | Clio Awards ]

[ Crystal | Ad Stars International Advertising Awards ]


User Experience

This product is for everyone from young to old. So, the whole user experience must be simple, easy, and straightforward. ​ 





Landing Page

Simple Landing page with a line of our mission. Election button has a dark grey color to indicate to start and intrigue to click it.

Election Dropdown Menu Hover

When one of the dropdown menu button is hovering, it becomes red. And the election title pops up on the right side.

Election Selected & Next Step

When one of the menu clicked, the clicked menu stays on the bar with red. And candidate button becomes dark grey to indicate the next step.

Candidate Selected

When the candidate image is selected, the detail information of the candidate shows.

Candidate Hover

When the candidate image is hovering, white layer overlays and show the brief information of the candidate.

List of Candidates

When the candidate button is clicked, the list of candidates show in vertical grids.


Start chatting with candidate by typing or voicing the questions. 

Add Candidate

Click + button to add another candidate to compare.

Compare Candidates

Another candidate is added, and able to check different stances.

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