Comcast Interactive Store

Transform store experience.


Comcast is often only known as a telecom brand.

Comcast uses amazing technology and builds lots of interactive devices that connect people. So, Comast wants to evolve its brand from a telecom brand to a lifestyle brand. 


Design an interactive store that showcases the physical manifestation of the brand.

In Comcast’s journey from telecomms giant to a connected lifestyle brand, this flagship retail store became the physical manifestation of the future of a company. A space to position Xfinity products at the intersection of technology and entertainment.


Store Map

/ / /  Entry Way

Digital Content

Passion Bay

Created passion bay to involve users in 180 degrees of contents customized based on users’ passion. Utilized motion mapping, voice activation, and custom 3D interface to demonstrate the power of Xfinity.

Digital Content

Home Bay

Created digital model house that highlights Xfinity’s products and services. By using projection mapping and interactive content, users can navigate through narratives of Xfinity’s offerings.

/ / /  Others


CD : Evan Jones & Anna Edwards

Copywriter: Sean Sullivan

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