Amazon Web Service

Season Opener

Return of the NFL



AWS technology brings NFL to the next level.

AWS uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology to track the scale, speed, and complexity of that data. It’s called Next Gen Stats (NGS). Much like data is transforming business, Next Gen Stats are transforming the game.

However, COVID-19 made it difficult for fans to enjoy sports anymore. Finally, the NFL decided to kick-off without fans in the stadium, yet fans are very excited about returning to the NFL.


Behind every amazing play, there is AWS.

Behind every incredible play are thousands of data points you might otherwise miss, such as the player's speed, field location, and movement patterns. AWS has been working behind the scene.



It's not just a new season. It's the next generation.

 All the production happened during the COVID-19. We built the whole story without shooting but leveraging existing footage. 

And we created dynamic 3D graphics and visual language to showcase the power of data. Unique motion graphics and animations were created to reveal how real-time AI and machine learning appears on the screen during gameplay, visualizing a new technology layer integrated within live broadcasts.

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CCO : Rodrigo Jatene
ECD: Rafael Gonzaga

CD: Tescia Deak & Ben Lay

Copywriter: Deepika Desai

Animation: Territory Studio

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