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Putting the Interest Back

Interest that you cannot miss.

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The UK had a problem when it came to savings.

Super-low interest rates have become a part of the problems in the UK.

And FCA names and shames UK’s worst savings accounts. But Marcus by Goldman Sachs launched a savings account with an interest of 1.50%.

So, we were asked to create a compelling and differentiated idea to launch Marcus as a significant new brand in the UK retail deposit market, driving sustained brand consideration.



People had lost their interest in savings accounts.

Marcus by Goldman brought a larger than the life interest rate
to represent a larger than average amount of interest. 

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So, we are putting the interest back into savings.

We bring the interest back, which is so large that's hard to ignore.


The visual idea is to make the 1.50% rate the hero with the UK as our backdrop and to have our rate seamlessly integrated into the photography as if it was a real physical element. Overall tone captured by headlines resonates and clever and straightforward headlines are key.

We want our images to be soothing, hence the use of negative space to help establish clear subjects within its orbit. Minimalism meets cityscape.