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JUNE, 2020

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Pitch Overview

Our team competed against 9 other agencies, and we managed to win the campaign during the very beginning of the pandemic. Yeon was the leading Art Director and Designer from the pitch to the final production. It was the first fully remote production, including shooting and editing.


Amazon Photos is a secure online storage service to help customers preserve, share, and re-live their memories. Amazon Photos provides online cloud storage, which easily accesses pictures stored across devices such as your Fire TV, Echo Show, and Amazon Fire tablet. Securely store, print, and share photos: Once saved to the cloud, you can safely delete them from your phone to free up space.

Business Challenge

The Cloud industry is very competitive. Most people use built-in apps like Apple iCloud and Google Photos because they are effortless to access. However, it is very challenging for Amazon Photos to make people download another app to store their photos even if it has many competitive benefits.

Marketing Goal

Amazon Photos wanted to develop a brand campaign that increases unaided awareness & recall of Amazon Photos & integrates with the overall Amazon brand story. 

Creative Insight

People are longing for a tangible connection to their memories that delivers them back to the moments that matter most.

Creative Idea

Memories Delivered:

Behind every cherished photo is a thousand memories that led us there. 

Deliver tangible memories to you.

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Family Photo

TVC | Family Photo :30

This video has been deleted.
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Graduation Photo

TVC | Graduation Photo :15