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JULY, 2021

Case Study

Open Your Snapchat - Case Study
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Snap Inc. is a camera company. But for many years after our IPO, the majority of consumers still do not consider us as a camera company but a social media company. This misinterpretation is a severe problem because our vision is on the future of our camera.

Product Truth

Since Snapchat launched, Snapchat ushered in a fundamental shift in how the camera’s used. Unlike other Social Media apps open to a feed, Snapchat opens directly to the camera, focusing on your POV. Other competitors may be catching on to our technology, but only Snapchat has the world’s biggest AR user community, more than 200+ million daily AR users.

Marketing Goal

Snapchat is a camera company for real friends, but not everyone sees it that way yet. So Snapchat aims to shift and evolve consumer perception of what the Snapchat camera is and can do.

Market & Audience Focus

Snapchat has two major markets:

1. United States & United Kingdom: 25-34-year-old Individualists & Close Connectors.

2. India & Mexico: 18-24 year-old Individualists & Close Connectors.

Creative Insight

The message was simple: Open Your Snapchat. The Snapchat camera can unlock millions of fun augmented reality experiences—all you have to do is open it.

Creative Idea

Open Your Snapchat to experience more at the moment. Amplify cultural moments with Lenses that respond to a real-time conversation.

All you have to do is just open it.


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