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Signs For A Cause

Design and share what you believe in.

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A protest is now part of our culture to make our voices heard and change happen.

Throughout history, legendary leaders and protestors marched and stood up for their rights, making their voices heard and change happen.



Protesting signs are always there with us in a critical part of our history.

Protesting signs play an essential role, and become more crucial, and creative.


And now, more than ever, a sign with a symbol or phrase that captures a movement can be shared and spread everywhere to create change.



Create a one-of-a-kind platform to collect and share all the sign designs.

We’ve decided to create the first-ever image library solely for protesting. Signs for a cause is a simple website where anyone can upload their sign designs or download and print different sign designs.

Brand Identity

Designed inspiring branding and an adaptable logo.

Signs For A Cause is a platform where people and designers can share and download their ideas, designs, and copies of current social problems. ​


So, I got inspired by the shape of the traditional picket sign and simplified it to a more modern line icon. Then, I added a square bracket to implement our voices and causes into the design. 

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Product Design & Development

Created a web platform from the start to the end.

We started from a simple user flow to a fully flushed out UX design. Then, we adopted our brand identity to UI design. We wanted to create an easy web platform where anyone can easily use, yet aimed to achieve a minimalistic and unique design. 

The design was so unique that we required highly skilled developers.

So, we hired a team of developers and built the whole platform from

the scratch. 

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01 Webdesign screen mockup.jpg


We partnered with one of the best art schools and organizations.

We partnered with the School of Visual Arts in New York. We implemented our mission to the school and design students encouraging them to design what they believe in. 

And we reached out to an organization called ACLU to collaborate and provide design assets to their causes.


I got an opportunity to present my platform at a start-up conference in Korea. 

Fortunately, I got an opportunity to introduce my platform and the story behind it at a start-up conference from Korea called Next Challenge.


Founder / Art Director: Yeon Yoon
Co-Founder / UX Designer: Jade Hong

Co-Founder / Account: Terry Choi

Co-Founder / Consultant: Sung Ha

Motion Designer: Jay Jang

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